Madhav Silica



Precipitated Silica for Tyre / Rubber is a premium quality reinforcing filler suitable for natural as well as synthetic Rubber based compounds. Chemically balanced, the Precipitated Silica for Tyre / Rubber compounds are available in Spray Dried Powder form as well as Granular Form. Granular Form can be used to avoid excessive Fly Loss in specific cases, provided the required dispersion can be achieved using an efficient mixer, as in case of Banbury Mixers used in Tyre Industry.

Precipitated Silica for Rubber applications yields outstanding physical properties like high tensile strength, abrasion resistance, tear resistance, flex fatigue properties etc. to Rubber Compounds. It also provides superior bonding with Textiles /Steel Cords in Coating compounds.

Standard grades available for Rubber Applications are Mansil 125/130/160/175/190 in Powder and Granular Forms, and Mansil 030/055/065 for specific applications.



The Standard Packing is 25 Kg HDPE Woven Bags with LDPE Liner.These can also be supplied in 20 Kg Paper Bags/Palletized cargo for export markets. The product is also supplied in Jumbo Bags of different sizes and as Palletised Cargo, especially for Export Markets, as per specific customer requirement.